Giveaways and Big Ideas

Hi, kids! The free HAMMER OF WITCHES giveaway is still going on at the wonderful Diana Peterfreund's blog. There are only a few days left, so sign up if you haven't already.

In other news, sci-fi hero John Scalzi graciously allowed me to write up a Big Idea on HAMMER OF WITCHES for the Whatever blog. Hop on over if you want to hear me overthink my own book!

In Which Writers Say Things

The idea that anyone would read my writing still boggles my mind, so the idea that writers I love and respect would read it completely overwhelms me. And the idea that they enjoyed Hammer of Witches enough to write beautiful, epically-kind reviews of it? Makes my brain blue-screen. I am so thankful and honored, truly.

So what did everyone say? Well:

Diana Peterfreund, author of For Darkness Shows the Stars:  “Mlawski's magical take on the exploration of the New World is a dazzling, richly imagined tale about history, legend, and the fantastic power of story.”

Lesley Livingston, author of Wondrous Strange:  “Hammer of Witches is everything I crave in a story -- magic, adventure, danger, depth, a rich historical setting, and an irresistibly charming hero. What a fantastic voyage!”

Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Pura Belpre Award winner and Morris Award nominee:  “Hammer of Witches is a historical revelation -- an eye-opening magical carpet ride that takes the reader over the ocean and through the woods to an ancient time, full of beauty and grace, and the ever-present conflict between man's spirituality and his natural brutality.”

Victoria Strauss, author of Passion Blue and co-founder of Writer Beware “This rollicking historical fantasy has it all -- nail-biting adventure, exciting mystery, fabulous magics, and characters you can really root for. I enjoyed every word.”

And the full review from Joseph Bruchac, author of Wolf Mark and Skeleton Man:

“This is a truly enjoyable energetic tale, a hero's journey that is filled with as much magic -- and wry humor -- as I've ever seen crammed into one story. The narrator is intelligent, engaging, and grows throughout his New World voyage of personal discovery in as way that should make him truly sympathetic to any young adult reader.

“A more or less historical fantasy, it's an altogether original take on one of the most important events in human history -- the first voyage of Columbus. In fact, with its emphasis on a totally different point of view -- that of a converted Jewish Christian in late 15th century Spain who [REDACTED: SPOILERS] -- it turns history and storytelling upside down.

“Interesting, though this is an action-packed fantasy filled with everything from genies and giant monsters to magical caves, it is grounded in real history. In fact, anyone who reads this may end up learning more about this period than is taught in most classrooms -- including about the complex Taino cultures of Ayiti.”


Is that nice or is that nice? Gratitude: I am full of it.