Real YA Heroes

In fiction, young adult heroes slay dragons (or are dragons), love vampires (or kill them), and free their people (or rule them). At the same time, real YA heroes in this non-fictional world we live in are doing things that are so frickin' amazing that I have to go


like an adorable kitty cat. Thus I propose a new feature to the Mlawski Blog: "Real YA Heroes," a series of short pieces about real young people between the ages of 0 and 25 who are today, or were in the past, BAMFs. (For parents in the audience, those initials stand for Big Awesome Magnificent Folks.) Hopefully these brief posts will inspire each of us to be BAMFs in our own little way, whether it's by persisting in the face of overwhelming odds, helping people in need, spreading the love, or simply saying, "Nuh-uh, jerks of the world. In the name of the Moon, I will punish you."

To kick us off, 17-year-old Latifa Azizi, who is helping overthrow the tyranny of rumpholes by singing.

"Lalala I WILL DESTROY YOU" (is what I assume she's singing)

"Lalala I WILL DESTROY YOU" (is what I assume she's singing)

Yes, singing, for Latifa is one of the two female contestants currently on Afghan Idol, and let me tell you, the rumpholes aren't happy about this. Don't get me wrong, I got no beef with religious people in general, but the minute you start issuing death threats to a 17-year-old girl for singing my level of tolerance goes to sub-zero.

And it's not only strangers who are giving her crap for singing. It's members of her family, too. Which makes me say


because seriously.

Whatever. Latifa don't care. She's going to keep singing, thank you very much. Because she is a Real YA Hero, and that's how they do.


Standard disclaimer: If it turns out the above YA hero is actually a YA villain who kicks puppies and pukes on old people, I apologize. It was an accident. I am not trying to whitewash current events or history, so if you know something about the above young adult that I don't, feel free to use the contact page above to let me know.

And if you know of a YA hero who you think should be featured, send me a note using the contact form and the subject heading "Real YA Heroes." Maybe your YA hero will be featured here soon!