Kindle Sale! Limited Time Only

Book lovers rejoice: A bunch of the Tu Books (my publisher) e-books are on sale today. But not for long, so if you have any interest in reading these fantastic stories, pick them up now. Here's a breakdown:

CAT GIRL'S DAY OFF (Kimberly Pauley): Girl can talk to cats. Funny-ness ensues! $1.99

KILLER OF ENEMIES (Joseph Bruchac): Apache. Steampunk. I don't even need to sell this one. The premise is impossible to resist. $3.99

TANKBORN (Karen Sandler): Hard sci-fi dystopia about kids who are born from tanks. Super-exciting! $3.82

VODNÍK (Bryce Moore): Family moves boy to Slovakia. Suddenly boy can see monsters. Fun and clever. $1.99

And if you're big on diversity in YA lit, these books will scratch that itch for you, too. Tell your friends about the sale soon, because it's not going to last. The books are available at the Kindle Store, iTunes, and Google Play.

And if you're too cheap to spend two bucks on an amazing book (I get it; I am also a cheapskate), my publisher is also giving away three copies of HAMMER OF WITCHES for free . Zero dollars. And they're signed. By me, in case that wasn't clear.

Enjoy! Read and be well!